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Mon. 20 November 2017

Most fielded young players: the top 10s per position

The 204th edition of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post lists the 10 most fielded footballers per position born in or after 1997 in both the big-5 leagues and 26 other top division European championships. With 19 players,...[more]

Wed. 15 November 2017

Defensive impermeability: who can beat Manchester City?

Issue number 203 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post analyses data provided by InStat to highlight the 100 clubs from 35 European competitions that conceded the least shots from their own box per domestic league game...[more]

Wed. 15 November 2017

Research, Regulation and Development – a three-pronged approach for African football?

Picture from left to right: Youssef Rabeh and Walid Azaro CIES Researcher, Dr Kevin Tallec Marston, recently published an article on African club competitions for; the information portal fully dedicated to...[more]

Wed. 15 November 2017

Sport: The invention that is so British

Modern sport is not a common trait of humanity - an ongoing anthropological constant - , but is rather a fact of history or, to put it better, a cultural invention that was first developed in Britain. Its diffusion, although...[more]

Tue. 14 November 2017

FIFA Master 18th Edition: Chapter 1 Leicester

After giving countless self-introductions in the first few weeks and learning about the heritage and history of sport, we knew we were embarking on a journey to leave our own legacy on the FIFA Master course as the 18th Edition....[more]