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Tue. 23 September 2014

NMMU celebrates its graduates… and its new students!

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) officially inaugurated the 8th edition of the NMMU/FIFA/CIES Programme in South Africa and awarded diplomas to the class of 2013-2014 last week in Port Elizabeth. Port Elizabeth was...[more]

Tue. 23 September 2014

CIES Football Observatory online database updated

The CIES Football Observatory is pleased to announce that our online database on the characteristics of big-5 league players and teams has been fully updated to now include the previous five completed seasons. Full access is...[more]

Wed. 17 September 2014

Welcome to the new 2014-2015 FIFA Master class!

Thirty-two carefully selected international postgraduates were welcomed by the CIES President Mr Bertrand Reeb, the CIES General Secretary Mr Vincent Schatzmann, the Scientific Directors from the three partner universities and...[more]

Wed. 17 September 2014

Transfer analysis: big-5 leagues as closed system

Nearly 72% of transfer fees invested during last transfer window by big-5 league clubs for new signings was paid to other clubs participating in the five major European championships. During the previous six seasons (from 2008/09...[more]

Mon. 15 September 2014

Success for an alumnus of the FIFA/CIES Programme

The Football Federation of Peru (FPF) has recently appointed Víctor Villavicencio Mantilla, alumnus of the FIFA/CIES Programme at the Universidad Católica Argentina, as the FIFA "contact point" for all concerns related...[more]