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Wed. 23 July 2014

Groundbreaking player transfer value calculator

REMINDER The CIES Football Observatory reminds you the launching of a new online tool to allow our audience to assess the current transfer value of big- 5 league players. The new transfer value calculator uses an algorithm...[more]

Wed. 23 July 2014

Graduation ceremony for the students of the 14th edition of the FIFA Master

The graduation ceremony for the students who successfully completed the 14th edition of the FIFA Master took place in the Grand Council Room at the Chateau of Neuchâtel on Friday 18th July 2014. This important occasion was...[more]

Wed. 23 July 2014

FIFA Master's international conference 2014

The dissertation presentations marking the end of the academic year for the 28 postgraduates of the 14th edition of the FIFA Master took place on Thursday 17th July 2014 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. For the first time in the...[more]

Wed. 23 July 2014

Article published in the journal Society and Leisure

Society and Leisure: Studying commitment from the perspective of collective action: the case of sport clubs in proximate surroundings. Dominique Malatesta, Dominique Golay, Fabienne Malbois and Christophe Jaccoud...[more]

Wed. 16 July 2014

3rd FGV-FIFA Master Alumni Seminar: a monumental success!

On July 2nd the FIFA Master Alumni Association (FMA) organized in partnership with Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), a world renowned centre for quality education, an outstanding Seminar which discussed the most current and relevant...[more]