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Wed. 27 September 2017

Francisca Crovetto elected President of the Athletes’ Commission of the Chilean Olympic Committee

Francisca Crovetto, a current student of the UST/FIFA/CIES Executive Programme in Sports Management, was recently elected President of the Athletes’ Commission of the Chilean Olympic Committee.

In her new duties, Francisca will represent and defend the interests of Chilean athletes, in particular on the Board of the Chilean Olympic Committee where she will also be a member. Speaking about her new appointment, Francisca said, “Athletes must be in a position to share their vision and their opinions within the bodies which make important decisions concerning them. We are finally reaching that objective. Claudia Vera Rivas, who also completed the Executive Programme curriculum in 2013 and presided over the same Commission, made a significant contribution to changing the situation.”

However, Francisca considers that Chile still has a great deal of progress to make in terms of sports policy. This represents one of the major objectives of her new Presidency.

Francisca, who will complete the UST/FIFA/CIES Executive Programme at the end of the year, was already able to make an interim assessment of her studies “This Programme represents a valuable and stimulating “adventure”. I am now able to broaden my vision of sport which was previously been mainly limited to empirical aspects. I appreciate the content the most. The excellent teachers share their experience with us. Last but not least, I really enjoy spending time with my classmates. The six weekly hours of classes fly by.”

We extend all our congratulations to Francisca and have no doubt that she will represent Chilean athletes with great efficiency.