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Mon. 31 October 2016

Training clubs: Real Madrid and Ajax head the rankings, Barcelona downgrades

Issue number 163 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the annual list of the most productive training clubs. At the head of the rankings for big-5 league players is Real Madrid, while Dutch side Ajax tops the table for footballers in 31 top division European championships.

As per UEFA definition, the training clubs of players are teams having employed them for at least three seasons between the ages of 15 and 21. The list takes into account first team squad members having played in domestic league games until October 1st of the current season or in adult championships during each of the two previous ones.

Real Madrid trained the most footballers currently playing for big-5 league teams: 41. The Spanish side outranks the 2015 top-ranked team Barcelona (37) and Manchester United (34). Ajax heads the table for players in 31 top division European leagues, ahead of the 2015 top-ranked club Partizan Belgrade and Dinamo Zagreb.

2016 rankings

2015 rankings for big-5 league players

2015 rankings for 31 top division European leagues

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