Apply to the FIFA Master


The FIFA Master seeks to attract a diverse profile of applicants, those who exhibit a variety of skills and accomplishments.  This is in contrast to some courses which target one standard candidate profile.  In order to create the most stimulating environment possible for all postgraduates, we consciously select a complementary student body, one that not only reflects a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, but a wide range of personal interests and professional ambitions.

The common characteristics of our postgraduates are demonstrated by leadership potential and a capacity to thrive in a rigorous academic environment.  All prospective candidates must:

  • Have completed a full course of university study – this can be in any discipline and may vary from three to four years depending on the country of study – and successfully obtained a degree by the application date;
  • Have an excellent command of English, written, spoken and comprehension – the course is taught exclusively in English and the Final Project must be written in English (Toefel minimum score of 100);
  • Have professional experience (minimum recommended of one year);
  • Have an international outlook;
  • Be able to demonstrate an active level of involvement/interest in sport (not just as a participant but in the administration/management of sport);
  • Be motivated and determined to succeed;
  • Be flexible and able to meet the challenges of the course;
  • Have an extensive general knowledge and culture - GMAT is highly recommended but no minimum score is required (as of 2018-2019 taking the GMAT will be required for applying);
  • Be able to work in a group (group work is a key part of the course).

Failure to fulfil any of the above criteria will mean that your application will not be taken into consideration.



The “FIFA Master” Application form for the 18th Edition (2017-2018) is now online at:

Please, read carefully through the Application Instructions before you start filling in the form.
If you have any question concerning this procedure, please feel free to contact us at fifamaster.admin(at)

Please note that the deadline for applying to the 18th Edition of the “FIFA Master” is midday (12 pm) Central European Time on Friday 6th January 2017 and that only complete applications received by this date will be considered by the Scientific Committee.

Good luck to you all!