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In cooperation with the University of Neuchâtel, a Master in Sports Law has been created in 2005 with the aim of allowing students to complete and further traditional teaching in legal matters related to sport and to train specialist jurists to deal with the specificities of sport problems.

Funding for the teaching of these courses is provided by FIFA.

Lectures are given by specialists of international standing such as Denis Oswald, who is also the CIES Director. The course includes complementary courses in economic law, civil law and health law.

This course is offered solely in French.

Students are to be registered with the University of Neuchâtel to attend classes and apply for the Master exams. Registration is open exclusively at the registration office of the University of Neuchâtel. No registration at CIES.

For more information : Master in Sports Law and Registration and conditions

Academic year 2013 - 2014

Besson, Sébastien. Associations et organisations sportives. Automne 2013

Besson, Sébastien. Les contrats dans le domaine du sport. Printemps 2014

Besson, Sébastien. Pouvoir disciplinaire des organisations sportives et aspects choisis du contentieux sportif. Printemps 2014

Besson, Sébastien. Structures et organisation du sport suisse et international. Automne 2013

Diaconu, Madalina. Droit économique et sport. Automne 2013

Rigozzi, Antonio. Droit du dopage. Printemps 2014

Rigozzi, Antonio. International arbitration. Printemps 2014

Rigozzi, Antonio. Statut personnel du sportif. Automne 2013

Schedule of courses 2013 - 2014

Descriptions of courses 2013 - 2014