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Sports Studies

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About CIES Research

The researches conducted by CIES examines sport from multiple angles, with an emphasis on :

  • Law,
  • Sociology,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • Management.

The projects undertaken by CIES are part of both pure and applied research. The dedicated CIES research team has gained an international reputation for producing and publishing high quality academic work. We also have an extensive international network that allows us to call on experts and academics from other fields when needed.

CIES core research areas:

  • Labour market and mobility of players
  • Supports, stadiums and violence
  • Sport, gender and social standing
  • Doping and sports performance
  • Manipulation of sports competitions / Sports integrity

CIES research encompasses the following activities :

Publications: CIES publishes various articles, collections and books, mos of which are available for purchase on the CIES website or directly at

Events: CIES holds regular symposiums, workshops and round-tables on topical themes. These events bring togheter distinguished guests, experts, CIES researchers and other various stakeholders.

Documentation Centre: CIES has an in-house documentation centre that is open to the public. Resources are focused on the fields of sports law, sociology and management. The centre is staffed to provide personalised help with documentary research.

Havelange Scholarship: The scholarship aims at promoting football-related scientific research from researchers holding a university degreee or equivalent who specialise in the area of laws, economics, sociology, ethics, geography and history. Each year, a CIES selection committee, specialised in research, evaluates proposals and grants the scholarships.

CIES Observatory: As a research team, the CIES Observatory brings togheter experts in the statistical analysis of all areas of sport. Since its creation, it has rapidly esthablished itself as one of the leading providers of sports questionnaires, athlete and player surveys, data mining, business intelligence reports and research publications. The CIES Observatory regularly undertakes research activities and develops joint projects with a wide array of stakeholders in the international sports industry. Furthermore, each year the CIES Football Observatory, one of the cornerstones of the vast CIES Observatory project, publishes two reports on European professional football. The "Demographic Study" is a key publication for anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of the environment of European football and the "Annual Review" focuses on the five major European leagues by presenting the key success factors both from demographic and pitch performance perspective.