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Tue. 08 April 2014

Big-5 Weekly Post n°70 on competitive (un)balance

The 70th edition of the Big-5 Weekly Post presents interesting findings about the percentage of possible points achieved by the three best ranked teams since 2008/09. A new record high was measured this season in four leagues out of five, as well as at big-5 league level.

During current season, the three top ranked teams per league achieved 75% of possible points. This figure is 5% greater than the previous highest levels measured in 2011/12 and 2012/13. A new record high was measured in Spain (80.9%), Italy (77.8%), Germany (73.2%) and France (71.2%). In England, the current level (74.2%) is "only" the second highest since 2008/09. Our analysis clearly confirms the growing competitive unbalance in the richest European leagues.

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