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Tue. 06 June 2017

13 June 2017, seminar: “History of sport in Switzerland: The current state of research, sources and perspectives”

Picture: Walter Schweiwiller

Research into the history of sport in Switzerland is still relatively underdeveloped. This may be surprising, especially given the fact that many international federations have their headquarters located in the country. Moreover, sport has become a major economic phenomenon, and now plays a major role in society, particularly in the areas of social integration and public health. Today it is clear that many sources, such as club archives, for example, need to be protected and not just forgotten or destroyed.

In order to promote the value of such resources, the recently created Suisse Association of Sport History, proposes to make a situation analysis of the state of current research in Switzerland and also gain an overview of the archival collections available. The further aim is to stimulate new research in this area of study.

This seminar targets primarily researchers, students, archivists and members of the public with a general interest in this area.

Seminar Language: German and French Only

Date: Tuesday 13th June 2017 from 10:15am until 5:15pm.

Location: University of Lucerne, Frohburgstrasse 3, room 3.A05.

Participation is free. However, please send your registration details by no later than 10th June 2017 to [email protected]

Full programme details:

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