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Tue. 11 June 2019

FIFA Master 19th Edition Final Projects Conference

It is with great pleasure that CIES invites you to attend the FIFA Master Final Projects Conference 2019. At this event, the postgraduate students of the FIFA Master 19th Edition class will present their research projects and answer questions on their work. 

Thursday 11th July 2019 from 12:45 to 17:15

University of Neuchâtel
Aula des Jeunes Rives
Espace Tilo-Frey 1
2000 Neuchâtel

As part of the conference, you will have the opportunity to discover different hot topics from the sports industry, to meet the postgraduates and to see them in action. Furthermore, this event will provide you with the possibility to get in touch with various alumni and key individuals from both the academic community and the sports industry.

The following key themes will be covered (to download the full programme, please click here):

Group 1

Netflix effect in sport: OTT's impact on minor sports

Nina Lunkina (Russia), Kathy Dufour (Canada), Michal Roniek (Poland), Akshay Rajpurohit (India)

Group 2

Football and AI - How can top-tier football clubs develop strategic capabilities leveraging artificial intelligence solutions? An analysis of the development and applicability of artificial intelligence in football

Ekaterina Bragina (Russia), Luis Abello (Canada/Colombia), Julian Rodrigues Smith (Portugal/USA), Tarik Ajanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Group 3

Can mega events be a catalyst for innovative advances in environmental sustainability?

Marie Hyojung Shin (South Korea), Rajdeep Chandra Deo Bhanj (India), Eugenio Stoppani (Italy), Paola Ramirez (USA/Dominican Republic)

Group 4

How can rights owners of sport competitions use Fantasy Sports to create more commercial value for their leagues? 

Giny Jisoo Oh (South Korea), Adam Miller (Bahamas/UK), Andreas Schenk (Switzerland), Vittorio Mario Canteri (Italy)

Group 5

Hostless Olympics ? How the IOC can counteract the decreasing number of potential Olympic host cities

Salome IIyambo (Namibia), Paul Pampena (Canada), Silvan Haenni (Switzerland), Andy Wonho Kang (South Korea)

Group 6

Intersex-Transgender Professional Athletes: Are international federations’ regulations discriminatory? 

Geoffrey Edwards (Trinidad & Tobago), Alberto Artega Sánchez Navarro (Mexico), Louis Kinziger (France), Gioia Verena Vavricka (Germany)

Group 7

Women don’t have balls, but know how to kick them. The professionalisation of women’s football 

Erica Puppo (Italy/Brazil), Alyssa Lagonia (Canada/Italy), Arthur Loye (France), Marius Zanin (Australia/Italy)


We believe the presentations will be of great interest to you, therefore we look forward to welcoming you to Neuchâtel.  

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Best regards,

The CIES Team

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