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CIES in the Media

Thu. 03 June 2021


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02 May   O soccer pede passagem: como a MLS pensa seu futuro InfoMoney
03 May   Olympiakos: Bruma is the top performer in the league according to CIES
06 May   Dos años después, la rica Inglaterra domina de nuevo el fútbol europeo Pagina Siete
10 May El Celta es el equipo más canterano de las principales ligas europeas
17 May Special Report: Multi-Club Ownership WorldSoccer
20 May Moriri Continues To Level Up In The Coaching Space Mamelodi Sundowns
22 May Marcus Rashford: ‘Whenever I hear “no”, I ask myself: why not?’ The Guardian
31 May  List of Clubs with the Most Expensive Market Value

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