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CIES in the Media

Mon. 25 March 2019

INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY REVIEW #62 - 18th March - 24th March (English only)

Discover related articles, audio-videos and social media posts from various channels.

You will be directed to the media items you are most interested in by clicking on the hyperlinks in the table below.

24 Mar El curioso caso de Ayón y una norma que pone de acuerdo a Real Madrid y Barcelona Spain
23 Mar Équipes nationales: les «dream teams» des absents Switzerland
23 Mar Zing News (Vietnamese) • Squads Performance Viet Nam
23 Mar eleftherostypos (Greek) • Transfer of Players Greece
22 Mar Manchester City Has 'Most Valuable Squad In Europe', Says Report United States
20 Mar Schalker auf Platz 2: Das sind die meistgefoulten Spieler Europas! Germany
20 Mar Vesti (Russian) • Players Transfer Values Kazakhstan
19 Mar Barcelona are most fouled team in Europe – Chelsea, Arsenal, Juve among victimised top 20 United Kingdom
18 Mar Futebol Sul-Americano: celeiro de jovens promessas ou mercado exportador? Brazil
18 Mar José Mourinho : « Mbappé est absolument incroyable » France

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