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Thu. 12 June 2014

Good news for NMMU alumni

Three graduates of the FIFA/CIES Programme in sport management organised in cooperation with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) have recently been rewarded with success in their professional or sport careers. Mohlala...[more]

Thu. 12 June 2014

The CIES Football Observatory reveals how to select a winning World Cup squad

The CIES Football Observatory has analysed the career trajectory of squad members from the last four World Cup finalists and is now able to identify some of the factors which allowed them to outperform their rivals in the...[more]

Thu. 05 June 2014

L'autre visage du supportérisme: autorégulations, mobilisations collectives et mouvements sociaux by Busset Thomas, Besson Roger et Jaccoud Christophe

The result of a scientific symposium organized in September 2012 by the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES ) in Neuchâtel, this new book addresses the issue of football fan culture from previously underexplored...[more]

Tue. 03 June 2014

New edition of the CIES Football Observatory Annual Review

The CIES Football Observatory launched today the ninth edition of its Annual Review of the five major European championships. It notably discloses the transfer market value of big-5 league footballers. This year’s edition also...[more]

Mon. 02 June 2014

Sorbonne, Paris - Sport Integrity Forum 2014

On 15th May 2014 the ‘Sport Integrity Forum 2014’ was held in the prestigious surroundings of the great amphitheatre of the Sorbonne, in Paris. The forum was jointly organised by Prof. Laurent Vidal Chair of “Intégrité du...[more]

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