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Tue. 14 April 2020

Best stepping-stone clubs: Ajax ahead of Benfica

The 291st Weekly Post of the CIES Football Observatory highlights the main clubs from where current big-5 league players departed to reach the five major European leagues. At the top of the stepping-stone club rankings are three...[more]

Tue. 14 April 2020

Two CIES-events postponed

In response to the increasing interest in CIES round tables and guest lectures, a series of CIES-events were planned for 2020 in collaboration with a large number of cultural, governmental and sports industry institutions....[more]

Wed. 08 April 2020

CIES WEBINAR #2: “Sport Industry Startups & Innovation: Crisis and Opportunity?”, Wednesday 15 April 2020 @13:30 CET

CIES webinars: Let’s Connect and Think Together Thanks to everybody for this CIES WEBINAR #1 which was really interesting. More than 500 of you tuned in to watch: “Football Clubs & Current Challenges…”.For anyone who missed...[more]

Mon. 06 April 2020

Squad turnover: South America king of change

The 290th edition of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post ranks clubs from 87 top divisions worldwide according to the number of players fielded in domestic league matches since January 2015. The highest value was recorded...[more]

Mon. 06 April 2020

La Conclusione

Our final article as class representatives, it is a bittersweet moment for us. Whilst there have been some obstacles this last month, we have really enjoyed being able to represent our class and are sad that we have finished the...[more]

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