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Wed. 01 November 2023

Top young dribblers: prodigies at the top

Issue 437 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the top 100 dribblers* in the world among players who have not yet celebrated their 23rd birthday. FC Barcelona’s prodigy Lamine Yamal (2007) tops the rankings in...[more]

Thu. 26 October 2023

World ranking of training clubs

The 436th Weekly Post of the CIES Football Observatory presents the rankings of the teams that have trained* the most players active in 48 of the world’s major leagues (list in the Post). Ajax (86 players trained) is ahead...[more]

Wed. 25 October 2023

Sir Bobby Charlton (1937 – 2023): FIFA Master 6th Edition Course Patron

The CIES and FIFA Master course partner universities were deeply saddened at the news Manchester United Football Club Legend and England World Cup Winner, Sir Bobby Charlton, has passed away at the age of 86. In a glittering...[more]

Mon. 23 October 2023


Ginelle Polini-Timineri Current Position: Global Brand Partnerships Director at Minute Media Year of graduation: 2016 (16th edition) Nationalities: Canadian / Italian What does your current role involve? I am based in the...[more]

Mon. 23 October 2023

‘Call-for-the-ball’ runs: worldwide analysis

The 88th Monthly Report of the CIES Football Observatory analyses the brand new SkillCorner data on players’ run types during possession to classify the teams from 27 leagues worldwide according to the tendency of calling for the...[more]

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