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Mon. 23 May 2022

Best XIs for 32 European leagues

With the 2021/22 seasons coming to an end, this CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the Best XI for 32 European leagues using its exclusive Impact Score approach combining team results with player employment and...[more]

Mon. 16 May 2022

Goalkeepers’ passing game: 36 leagues worldwide

The 381st CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post analyses the passing game of goalkeepers from 36 leagues worldwide as per data from InStat. The percentage of long forward passes out of total passes stretches from just 8.2% for...[more]

Thu. 12 May 2022

Francisco Rubio, FIFA's new Mediator, takes the floor

Francisco Rubio is one of the people who has contributed to the organisation of the FIFA/CIES International Programme in Spain, of which he has been one of the Directors since 2010. A lawyer specialising in sports and labour law,...[more]

Wed. 11 May 2022

Memories to last a lifetime as the FIFA President Welcomes the 22nd edition FIFA Master class to Zurich

FIFA President Gianni Infantino welcomed the FIFA Master 22nd edition class to the FIFA headquarters in Zurich on Friday as part of a field visit which created memories to last a lifetime for the class. An inspirational...[more]

Mon. 09 May 2022

Le Dernier Chapitre: the FIFA Master 22nd edition arrives in Neuchâtel

The final chapter of the FIFA Master 22nd edition commenced on the picturesque shores of Lake Neuchâtel. A short journey through the snowy Swiss Alps brought a welcome change of pace for our class as we transitioned from the...[more]

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