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Tue. 19 July 2011

1st Seminar for the CIES coordinators in Zurich

The first seminar for the CIES local coordinators will take place on the 18th & 19th of August at FIFA Headquarters in Zurich. The seminar aims at taking stock of the essential role of the coordinators in the organisation of the FIFA/CIES Programme.

During these two working days, the coordinators will look into several important aspects of their responsibilities such as “Relations with the University and with CIES. Evolution and adaptation over successive editions of the FIFA/CIES Programme", "How to frame the responsibilities of the coordinator – Dialogue between the coordinator, the university and CIES", "Role of the FIFA/CIES Programme in the sports landscape: improved understanding of the expectations of sports organisations" and “Role of the coordinator in the search for sponsors: examples from Turkey and Venezuela. What types of sponsors should be sought or focused on?"

The CIES already wish to welcome Mariola, Margarita, Charisse, Susan, Marilyn, Julio, Ricardo, Denver, Pape, Victor, Amr, Cem and Franck in Zurich.

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