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Mon. 21 November 2022


Focusing on the 32 National Associations (NAs) taking centre stage at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, this new report provides an overview of domestic football ecosystem structures and the variety of governance models implemented around the world as a result of a combination of international football governance practices and factors inherent to each specific country’s context.

Studying a series of aspects related to the composition and functioning of General Assemblies and Executive Committees more specifically, the report illustrates the various mechanisms overarching policy making at national level. In addition, through the use of comparative analyses, it identifies a series of elements that are common to the governance landscape of every football National Association. Among others, the report highlights the various balances of power implemented by NAs to manage the fundamental relationship between Amateur and Professional football or the degree of inclusion for specific stakeholder and interest groups within the structure of their governing bodies.

The report represents the first in a series of new research outputs which will be undertaken by CIES to further delve into the topic of football governance and add to the existing knowledge on the frameworks which underpin the management and development of football.

CIES Sports Intelligence is a research and analysis division of the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) covering sports governance and regulatory aspects. With services that focus on spreading new insights and knowledge, CIES Sports Intelligence’s ultimate goal is to deliver value to the sports industry by supporting stakeholders in the promotion of a better governance and management of sport and a more stable sporting environment based on informed decision-making.

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