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Thu. 01 November 2012

End to the second edition of the FIFA / CIES Programme in Spain

The 45 students of the second edition of the FIFA / CIES Programme (Curso superior universitario en gestion deportiva), organized in cooperation with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) graduated at a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) , partner of CIES since 2010.

Isabel Navas, Director of the RFEF Foundation, opened the event by welcoming the "future" graduates and 44 students of the new edition of the Program.

She then gave the floor to Bertrand Reeb, CIES President, who stressed the importance of alumni to promote progress in Spain and beyond: "We are counting on you. Your energy and enthusiasm will be critical to the reputation of our business. And it has already started, in view of the many "success stories" that the Programme organizers and students have experienced in 2012. "

For his part, Alejandro Blanco, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee and keynote speaker at the ceremony, spoke of the fundamental importance of sport in modern society: "It is not only to win competitions or collect prizes. Athletes and managers around them must also acquire and transmit values. It is all the more important that sport plays an essential role in social integration and cohesion, especially in the period we are currently facing in Spain, with the economic slump and the doubts it raises. "

Finally, Enrique Arnaldo, vice-rector of the URJC, welcomed the fruitful cooperation between the university, the RFEF and CIES.

CIES and its partners hope that the graduates will have taken full advantage of the Programme and will quickly take advantage of the newly acquired knowledge. They offer their congratulations to: Miguel Yazmina Estefanía, Manuel Francisco Diego, Sandra Fernanda Garazi, Laura, Daniel Felipe, Francisco Fernando, Anthony, Angela, Borja, Sara, Sergio, Carlos Ignacio Joissayed Nasser, Raúl, Francisco Javier, Alejandro, Luis Miguel, Marta, Luiz, Kepa, Jordán, Juan Carlos Diogo Miguel Alejandro, Manuel, Erika, Lourdes, Marco Antonio, Alfonso, Eduardo, Jairo, Lorena, Alejandro Gaspar, José Luis, José Carlos, Regina José Víctor and Iñigo.


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