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Tue. 14 July 2020

FIFA Master 20th edition Final Projects Conference, July 2020, Neuchâtel

Dear CIES and FIFA Master followers,

It is with great pleasure that we would like to share with you the brochure for the FIFA Master Final Projects Conference 2020.

The document is designed to welcome you to this important event which which will take place online this year and will see the postgraduate students of the FIFA Master 20th edition class present their research projects and discuss hot topics from the sports industry.


The following key themes will be covered:


Once It’s Up There, There is No Taking it Back: How Can Football Stakeholders Make Use of Social Media in their Combat Against Racism? - Kevin Goco (Philippines), Evita Schippers (The Netherlands), Muhammed Ziyaad Desai (Botswana), Han Bits Yi (South Korea)

Para-Ganda, Cyborgification, and Ambiguous Success in Parasport: An Analysis of a Complex Relationship - Serge Arnaud Assume Assume (Gabon), Grégoire Dayde (France), Stephanie Holmes (Australia/Italy), Mahmoud Qaraqra (Palestine)

They Are Not Referees But They Are Blowing The Whistle: How Are Whistleblowers Impacting The Integrity of Sporting Governance? - Sara Bilali (Morocco), Yash Chugh (India), Igor Markovic (Italy/Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia), Taizo Uchida (Japan)

Digitalization in Sports Organizations: Technological Trends and Innovations Driving Fan Engagement outside the Stadium - Sanaa Darawsha (Israel), Rishab Kapur (India), Alexandre Matsuo (France/Japan), Caitkie Ranchhordas Vaghjee (Mauritius)

Balancing Books and Balls: An Athlete-centric Approach to Women’s Football - Bonnie Mugabe (Rwanda), Tyson Scott (Australia), Erika Urbina Echeverría (Costa Rica), Bruno Van Hellemont (Belgium)

A study of Fan Control: Should fans be more than spectators? - Dagiorto Carrera (Peru), Laura Judd (Australia), Jean Lee (South Korea/Canada), Eduardo Tavares (Portugal/Germany)

Should the Olympics Engage with Esports to Attract the Next Generation? Exploring Scenarios for a Possible Alliance - James Cronin (UK), Isak Hwang (South Korea), Diego Martinez (Chile), Alexe Viaud (France)

The Globalized Game: Is FIFA´s National Team Eligibility Criteria for Players Up to date with the World´s Reality? - Luis Brevé Mazzoni (Honduras/USA), Pacôme Goïc (France), Violet Jubane (Zimbabwe), Gustav Maximo Salvestrini Raskov (USA/Argentina/Italy)


Streaming of this session will soon be available on our CIES Youtube channel. Stay tunned!


Best regards,

The CIES Team

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