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Wed. 23 July 2014

FIFA Master's international conference 2014

The dissertation presentations marking the end of the academic year for the 28 postgraduates of the 14th edition of the FIFA Master took place on Thursday 17th July 2014 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

For the first time in the history of the FIFA Master, the postgraduates of the 14th edition had the opportunity to present their work to a large audience in the prestigious surroundings of the auditorium of the Aula des Jeunes-Rives at the University of Neuchâtel. Specially invited presentation guests included senior representatives from the sports industry, high profile members of the international academic community as well as family and friends of each FIFA Master student.

Professor Denis Oswald, CIES Director, officially opened the dissertation presentations with an introductory speech before giving the floor to the different groups who presented their relevant research topics.

You will find below the full list of the presentations as well as the names of the students in each group.

Joining forces: A study of how different sports federations collaborate at a national level - Charisse Bacchus (Trinidad and Tobago & Canada), Ratu Tisha Destria (Indonesia), Gianluca Famigli (Italy), Nzumbe Nyanduga (Tanzania), Nicholas Rozenberg (Australia, Israel & Germany)

Together stronger? An analysis of women in governance in international federations and their impact on their sport - Safia Abdel Dayem (Egypt & Syria), Zarina Bahdur (South Africa), Diego Brenes (Costa Rica), Daniel O’Toole (Ireland)

The role of the entourage in the development of youth athletes: A case study of Swiss skiers - Nicolas Journel (France & Brazil), Haley McInnis (Canada), Jakub Mihule (Czech Republic), Mungo vonHalle (United Kingdom), Nadia Ya-Han Wu (Taiwan)

It’s in the game: Electronic gaming as a branding tool for sports clubs and leagues. An analysis of the extent to which the presence of leagues and clubs in a sports video game affects their reach, recognition and revenue - Case study: FIFA video game - Helena BaŠistová (Slovakia), Elizabeth Eastman(USA) Martin Kaswurm (Austria), Colm Ó Méalóid (Ireland), Alfredo Quiros (Costa Rica)

To what extent does UFC need to adapt its original business model to better reach the European market? - Analysing from a sporting, governance, and fan perspective - Patrick Casteau (France & Brazil), Norman Ning Liu (China), Lena Schoeps (Germany), Sarah Widera (Australia & United Kingdom)

Second screens in football stadiums: How can clubs use existing and emerging technology to increase fan engagement and revenue streams - Ayan Aghayeva (Azerbaijan), Christin Hausmann(German), Charlotte Kight (New Zealand), Oren Pollak(Israel & USA), Daniel Whymark(United Kingdom)

The CIES would like to congratulate the postgraduates of the 14th edition of the FIFA Master for the quality of their work. The CIES also thanks all the tutors and the academic members who supported the students during this edition of the programme.

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