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Mon. 25 February 2019

Football Executive Programme continues at the CONMEBOL: Kick off for the Law module

On Thursday 21st February 2019 CIES, in collaboration with FIFA and CONMEBOL, launched the third module of the Football Executive Programme at the CONMEBOL headquarters in Asunción, Paraguay with a special focus on "Law", especially football law.

The principal objective of the programme is to harmonise and broaden football knowledge, with the aim of offering enhanced, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive training to General Secretaries and key administrative staff working for member associations in South America.

Opening the first day of the third Sports Law module, Mrs. Monserrat Jiménez, who is Chief Legal Officer of CONMEBOL, welcomed the participants by highlighting  the importance  of their presence.

“We are here for this new course with the mission of continuing our learning. Welcome everyone to your home, the CONMEBOL. It is up to me to welcome you because with this module, we are concerned with Sports Law”, she said

Emilio García, Chief Legal Officer at FIFA went on to say, “This is a great initiative from CONMEBOL to help its national associations with education focusing on crucial issues. This module addressing topics related to law, and especially football law, is something which is undoubtedly much appreciated and for us it is a pleasure being here with all the national associations of CONMEBOL. Back in the days, legal issues were not a central point in  football relationships whereas nowadays, being aware of the economic level of our sport, its globalisation, and factors of all kinds such as commercialization, Finance  and employment issues are very important for the people who run the federations, for the national associations of CONMEBOL and for its lawyers.”

Started in September 2018, the Football Executive Programme will run until November 2019 at the CONMEBOL headquarters in Asunción, Paraguay. The programme comprises of seven different modules, with forthcoming subject areas to  focus on Communication, Marketing and Sponsorship, Commercial and Audiovisual Rights, and finally, Development.

The programme will also provide several intensive practical sessions that will enable executives to benefit from and share knowledge with internationally renowned presenters and experienced professionals. The new knowledge gained can then be applied by the participants in their day-to-day activities at their relevant associations.

A FIFA/CIES/CONMEBOL Diploma will be distributed to the participants upon successful completion of the course. A certificate of participation will also be distributed to those who only attend only one module.

Since its foundation in 1995, the role of CIES has been to spread education and knowledge in the world of sport and with the Football Executive Programme it will have the opportunity to focus on the development of administrators and managers of football with the long-term vision of transforming football operations and making them more efficient.

A video introducing the third module can be viewed by clicking on this link.

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