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Wed. 20 September 2023

Match duration: over 100’ on average

Issue number 431 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post ranks 70 leagues around the world according to the average duration of matches during the current or last completed season (Wyscout data). The overall average is 100’15’’, with a maximum of over 106’ in the top two Saudi competition levels.

The Spanish Liga is the competition where referees add the most injury time among the European big-5 (on average 13’03’’), ahead of the English Premier League (11’46’’) and the Italian Serie A (11’04’’). The lowest additional time value overall was recorded in the Finnish top flight (6’07’’), with less than 10% of fixtures lasting more than 100’.

Overall, the percentage of matches that last over 100’ is 52.4%. This proportion varies greatly between leagues: from 100% in the top division of the United Arab Emirates to just 6.7% in the Swiss second division. The share of games with a duration of over 100’ in the European big-5 stretches from 84.6% in Spain to 61.1% in France (71.8% in England).

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