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Wed. 13 September 2023

Squad transfer cost: four ‘billionaire’ clubs

The 430th edition of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the top 100 teams in the world having invested the most on transfer fees (including add-ons regardless of effective payment) to recruit players currently in their squad. Four teams head the list with investments of at least one billion euros: three English clubs (Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City) and one French (Paris St-Germain).

Saudi side Al-Hilal (18th) is the club from outside the European big-5 that has invested the most on transfer indemnities to assemble its squad (€382m), ahead of Leicester City (26th, €281m) and Ajax (32nd, €236m). By position, the biggest spenders are Liverpool for goalkeepers (€73m), Manchester United for defenders (€383m), Real Madrid for midfielders (€447m) and Paris St-Germain for strikers (€557m).

Clubs from nineteen different leagues feature in the top 100, with a maximum of 19 teams for the English Premier League (all clubs except Luton), followed by the Italian Serie A (15 teams), the Spanish Liga (12), the French Ligue 1 (11) and the German Bundesliga (also 11). Among non-European competitions, the Saudi Pro League is the most represented (4 clubs), ahead of Mexico’s Liga MX (3) and Brazil’s Serie A (2).

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