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Mon. 26 October 2015

Tottenham youngest team in the English Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur tops the Premier League table of clubs who fielded the youngest players: 24.7 years on average. This is the fourth lowest figure at big-5 league level after Nice (24.1), Valencia (24.5) and Bayer Leverkusen (24.5). All data is available in issue number 123 of the Big-5 Weekly Post.

At second and third position in the English Premier League ranking are Liverpool (25.5 years) and Newcastle (25.6). In contrast, the average age on the pitch is particularly high at West Bromwich Albion (29.2) and Manchester City (28.5).

The oldest teams in the other big-5 leagues are Rayo Vallecano (29.0 years), Bastia (28.6), Darmstadt (28.1) and Chievo (30.7). The average per league varies between 26.3 years in the German Bundesliga and 27.5 years in the Italian Serie A.

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