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Wed. 14 February 2018

What’s new at the CIES? Discover the International Centre for Sports Studies Weekly Media Review!

The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) is pleased to offer to our website users a new Weekly Media Review displaying information and news content related to our global activities. Each week discover a selection of articles, posts and audio-visual stories collected from across various media sources worldwide, and all showcasing the daily work of the CIES.  

The CIES has gained a leading reputation thanks to its pioneering role in scientific sport research, and sports management education. As a consequence, for many years now it has seen much of its work receive visibility and high profile recognition from media coverage worldwide.

As Vincent Schatzmann, CIES General Secretary, notes, “The media has an undeniable role in disseminating our work. They facilitate the release of relevant information which then allows both individuals and organisations to make an informed decision on subjects of high importance. When the media take advantage of the knowledge and data we share, they contribute not only to the outreach and impact work of the CIES, but also to a clearer understanding by the public of sports issues which are often characterized by ever growing complexity”.

Finally, the new media monitoring resource will allow CIES to measure its global media footprint and to better identify the interests of its audience. This will then support its future development as an organisation.

The new weekly review is available at the following link: