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Fri. 27 June 2014

Release of a new article co-signed by a CIES scientific collaborator

Just released, new article (in French) co-signed by a CIES scientific collaborator :

Dominique Malatesta, Dominique Golay & Christophe Jaccoud, Circulation des savoirs, construction d’appartenances et affirmation de soi. Les filles dans des clubs de football et de twirling bâton : entre logique sportive et logique sociale.

This article can be found in :

Olivier Thévenin, Pascale Marcotte (dir.), Sociabilités et transmissions dans les expériences de loisir, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2014, pp : 141-157.

Abstract: This paper, based on research conducted at four nearby sports clubs, addresses the issue of long term sustainable engagement with sporting activity for women who have an existing wide social network. This minority group-level phenomenon, which is contrary to statistical trends which show that this social category tends to normally leave sport, finds an explanation in the free movement of knowledge deployed at the clubs. Two main reasons can help to explain this. The first is related to the sport itself and concerns the vertical transmission of techniques and codes. The second is social and relates to the daily life and routine of the women players. In addition, we can also note that sports activities organized and carried out collectively not only create a wider history of the activity but also a personal history for the individual participants.

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