Erika Riedl



Lawyer with extensive international experience in mainly Sports Law and Sports Integrity, who has worked for several international sports organisations. Besides working for CIES (part-time), Erika is Clerk for the FEI Tribunal. She also sits regularly on disciplinary panels for various international sports organisations.

Erika has graduated from the FIFA Master in 2006, and has completed a certificate in Sports Law with the University of Neuchâtel in 2017/2018. In addition, she holds – among others - a Graduate Certificate in Investigations Management and is scheduled to complete a Senior Executive Certificate in Institutional Integrity Management programme in April 2018.

Her tasks at CIES are manifold and include Sports Law research and publications, as well as organising and presenting at conferences and seminars, drafting and revising academic content of the Sports Law Modules of the various education programs, drafting and revising rules and regulations, contracts, legal opinions, and similar, and the coordination and implementation of various project mandates related to sports