Thomas Busset



Thomas Busset, BA, historian. Has worked as an assistant and scientific collaborator with various institutions: Institut de recherche sur l'environnement construit (IREC/EPF Lausanne) ; Section d'histoire de l'Université de Lausanne ; Institut d'histoire de l'Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Zurich ; Independent Commission of Experts: Switzerland-Second World War. In this capacity, he has collaborated on studies on urban sociability (local politics, participation), regional politics, socio-cultural animation and the history of official statistics in Switzerland. Current fields of research: Hooliganism, history of winter sports.
Member of the editorial committee of the review Travers (1997-2000); Committee member of the Association of Alpine History and editorial committee member of History of the Alps (1995-2005).
Scientific collaborator since 2004 with the CIES where he oversees research on the links between hooliganism and right-wing extremism in Switzerland; this project is funded by the FNS within the framework of the PNR40+ (Right-wing extremism-causes and countermeasures). The research has ended in September 2006.

Selected bibliography (updated May, 2020)