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sam. 17 juillet 2021

WATCH AGAIN! FIFA Master 21st edition Final Projects Conference recording now available on the CIES YouTube Channel (in English only)

Following the successful completion of the 21st edition FIFA Master Final Projects on 15th July 2021, we are delighted to confirm that you can watch again all six of the project groups in action with a full recording of the day now available using the dedicated CIES YouTube Channel.

Watch again at the following link: https://youtu.be/J5-EGXTud7I

Congratulations again to all of the below project groups on an extremely informative day of presentations!

How to Bridge the Gap in Women’s Football: “Haba na haba hujaza kibaba” – little by little fills the measure - Thomas Grimm (Germany), Lorenzo Mazzone (Italy), Heather O’Keeffe (Australia & USA), Diana Yonah (Kenya).

Beyond the Pitch: Is it time to include social and environmental criteria in club licensing? - Sara Basha (Egypt), Rebecca Jardim De Barros (Brazil), Mazhar Ahmed Mansoor (India), Stanislav Shtipkov (Bulgaria).

The Critical Balance between Sporting Realization and Protection of Minors: An analysis of the international transfer system in football - Fatou Binetou Ba (Senegal), Francesca Ingletto (Italy), Mario Roberto Papa (Argentina, Cameroon & Italy), Khair Rizauddin (Singapore).

Lets Go Clubbing: A holistic analysis of multi-club ownership in football - Hossamedin Bedier (Egypt), Lorenzo Cavallari (Italy), Zeina Hamarsha (Jordan), Charlotte Nyangeri (Kenya).

You’re There, but not Really: Is virtual reality spectatorship an addition to the status quo in sports? - Fábio Figueiras (Portugal), Pema Tshering (Bhutan), Malin Vestin (Sweden), Idy David Watt (Canada & Senegal).

Pirates of the stream: An assessment of illegal streaming of European football - Nisrein Al Qaisi (Jordan), Amra Kubat (Bosnia & Croatia), Nitish Metikurke (India), David Ribeiro (Portugal & South Africa), Dilara Yasacan (Russia & Turkey).

Best regards,

The CIES Team 

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