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Mon. 02 October 2017

Call for Papers!

Suisse Association of Sport History and International Centre for Sports Studies

New research-projects on the History of Sports in Switzerland (Institutions, cultures and traditions)

Young researcher’s conference on 18 January 2018 in Neuchâtel

The recently created Suisse Association of Sport History aims to disseminate knowledge on the history of sports in Switzerland, to stimulate research-projects and to promote the relay in this field. For this purpose, it organises together with the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) and the University of Neuchâtel a conference that is mainly open for young researchers (doctorates, thesis writers or master thesis writers) who are currently working on their research-project on sports in Switzerland or they have just finished it.

Languages: German, French and Italian.

Procedure of submission:

The propositions of communication should not exceed one page (1800 characters maximum, spaces included). Other than the raised issues and the detailing of the methodologies and the results of the research, the proposal must contain the name of the author, its email address and also its institution (institute, section, etc).     

The proposals of the communications must deal with different topics and different objects (sport practices, associations and federations, ideologies, economic and commercial aspects). On another note, proposals coming from other disciplines (anthropology, sociology, geography….) are more than welcome.     

Date of submission:

The communication proposals have to be sent till the 15th of November 2017 to: thomas.busset(at)

Tenderers will be informed at the end of November whether their proposal was retained or not. It is planned to publicize some of the papers.

Some information will be available soon on the website of the Suisse Association of Sport History:

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