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Thu. 16 May 2013

CIES – Academic partner of the first edition of « WISE – Work In Sports Exhibition »

The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) is honored to be one of the academic partners of the first ever international convention for career development in sports « WISE – Work In Sports Exhibition » which will be launched by SINERGI Sports Consulting and MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA and will be held at Beaulieu Lausanne in Switzerland on May 7 – 8, 2014.

WISE aims to foster career management by offering a 360° sharing platform to leaders of today and tomorrow, as well as elite and former athletes entering the business world.

Bringing together leading personalities of the sport’s world, this international convention will present the various sport’s professions, their market evolution, trends and educational programs related thereto.

Many stakeholders from the sports industry, including national and international federations, confederations, clubs, athletes, recruitment agencies and event organisers, will share ideas and experiences to expand their knowledge and create new business opportunities.

The forum programme will focus on the key theme of career management including more than 60 interdisciplinary conferences, workshops and round tables discussions with sport’s professionals of different backgrounds.

« WISE – Work In Sports Exhibition » provides a unique opportunity to meet leading figures from across the professional sport’s world, whilst facilitating important networking openings that will ultimately accelerate the growth and development of sport’s career management », said Mr. Giancarlo Sergi, Exhibition Director.

In conclusion, Mr. Vincent Schatzmann, CIES General Secretary said: “We are very pleased that the CIES is actively involved in this convention by providing its academic expertise and network of experts in the development of the programme. WISE is a very interesting platform to promote our activities and to explore new opportunities which could be linked with CIES sport education programmes.

For further information please contact:

WISE Communications

Tel.: +41 (0)21 601 82 12

[email protected]

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