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Thu. 08 October 2020

CIES WEBINAR Season 2 - Ep #2: “Show me the money”: financing sport after the crisis”

CIES webinars: Let’s Connect and Think Together

Thanks to everybody for the first webinar of Season 2 which was really interesting.The success of this CIES WEBINAR series is really impressive. Indeed, more than 14’000 of you tuned in to watch all Episodes of Season 1 and Episode 1 of Season 2!!! 


We are pleased to announce Episode 2 - Season 2 of our Free Live CIES WEBINAR Series!


CIES WEBINAR Season 2 - Ep #2: “Show me the money”: financing sport after the crisis””


Raúl Fagalde, Head of Marketing @ PUMA Group and CIES/UCA Alumnus 2013, Argentina

Sean Dempsey, Vice President, Global Sponsorship - Sports and Governance @ Citi and FIFA Master Alumnus 2015, USA

Moderator: Prof. Pierre Lanfranchi


Episode 2 – Season 2 will take place on Tuesday 13 October 2020 @13:30 CET and you can watch it LIVE either on our CIES Facebook Page ( or on our CIES Youtube Channel (

For anyone who missed it, you can rewatch Season 2 Ep#1: “Sport is back: but how?” on our CIES YouTube channel by following this link:


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