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Mon. 16 November 2020

CIES WEBINAR SEASON 2 - EP #4: “MEGA EVENTS: what is essential now?"

CIES webinars – season 2: Let’s connect and think together


Season 2 Ep#3 : Mega Events: what is essential now? on Tuesday 17 November 2020@13:30 CET


• Pierre Ducrey, Olympic Games Operations Director @ International Olympic Committee (IOC) and FIFA Master Alumnus 2003

 Roma Khanna, Tournament Director @LOC FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup India 2020, Women’s Asia Cup India 2022 and FIFA Master Alumna 2010

• Ashley EhlertLegal Director @ International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and FIFA Master Alumna 2009

Moderator: Prof. Pierre Lanfranchi


You can watch this webinar live on our CIES official Facebook page or on our CIES YouTube Channel

For anyone who missed it, you can rewatch Season 2 Ep#3: “Players & Transfers: defining a new market ?” on our CIES YouTube channel by following this link.

Thanks to everybody following our Season 2. The success of the CIES WEBINAR series is really impressive. Indeed, more than 15’000 of you tuned in to watch all Episodes of Season 1 and Episode 1 to 3 of Season 2!!! Thanks


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