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Fri. 31 August 2012

Workshop: "The other face of supporterism: self-regulation, collective mobilization and social movements", Friday 14th September 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012, University of Neuchâtel,
Building of the Faculty of Law, Avenue du 1er mars 26, Room C 43

The workshop is intended for researchers working on fan culture as well as those interested in the subject. Ten speakers have been invited to present their approach (see program). Special attention will be dedicated to discussions open to all participants and for this reason the number of participants is limited. The workshop will be in French.

The meeting aims to encourage and stimulate processes and original thinking on fan culture, taking into account the changes that it has undergone in recent years. Particular attention will be given to groups and initiatives to fight against violence and extremism in stages. In addition, the organizers wish to encourage a comparative approach by inviting researchers from various disciplines (criminology, history, geography, sociology, political sciences) and working in different countries (Argentina, Belgium, Croatia, Egypt, France, Italy and Switzerland) .
The workshop will result in a publication in the CIES collections.
Participation is free.
For logistical reasons, the persons who are interested to attend this workshop are requested to register via email at the following address:  [email protected]   

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