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CIES in the Media

Tue. 11 July 2023


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7 June Halland 200 million Vinicius Saka ranked second, third, Mbappé 10th
7 June Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale named world’s most valuable goalkeeper  London Evening Standard
9 June Who are the most expensive footballers in the world Maralfm
14 June New World rankings on social media - Top football clubs  with most followers Head Topics  
14 June Mbappe tells PSG he will not renew contract in 2024 Stabroek News
29 June FIFA Football Tribunal appoints Gonçalo Almeida as judge  Iberian Lawyer 
30 June Athlètes transgenres: faut-il baser les règlements sportifs sur la seule testostérone?

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