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CIES in the Media

Mon. 29 January 2018

INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY REVIEW # 4 (22 - 28 January 2018)

See this week’s updated selection of stories and highlights from worldwide media coverage of CIES activities. Discover related articles, audio-videos and social media posts from various channels.

You will be directed to the media items you are most interested in by clicking on the hyperlinks in the table below.

28 Jan


Marca de zapatillas de Alexis Sánchez es la más usada por las máximas estrellas del fútbol


28 Jan Nike gains a step on Adidas in competition for top soccer stars | IOL Business Report

South Africa

27 Jan

Nike hever seg på fotballbanen


27 Jan

24 Sports (Greek) • Football Labour Market


26 Jan

Nike Gains a Step on Adidas in Competition for Top Soccer Stars

United States

26 Jan

Nike gains a step on Adidas in competition for top football stars


26 Jan

BeSoccer En


25 Jan (Mongolian) • Football Labour Market


23 Jan

Otaki: I want to show that nothing is impossible


23 Jan

EQS-News: Viva China and Feyenoord join hands to launch Feyenoord Viva Football Academy


23 Jan (Chinese) - Football Training and Academy


23 Jan

CIES: 100 „najmlodszych” druzyn Europy


22 Jan

Manchester City recrute surtout à l'étranger, plus que toute autre équipe du big 5 européen


22 Jan

terrikon (Russian) - Labour Market


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