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Mon. 22 October 2018

INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY REVIEW # 42 (15 October - 21 October 2018)

Discover related articles, audio-videos and social media posts from various channels.

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20 Oct Eurosport (Russian) • Transfer values Russia
19 Oct Wanted: Strikers who can score India
18 Oct Wanted: Strikers who can score Pakistan
18 Oct Durer, un défi de taille pour les entraîneurs France
18 Oct Which Premier League clubs give homegrown talent the most game time?
United Kingdom
18 Oct The best and worst Premier League clubs for giving homegrown talent game time Ireland
18 Oct La Real de los 292 millones de euros Spain
18 Oct Proemprender lanza libro: “La pelota está en tu cancha” Peru
15 Oct (Chinese) • Football players market, Brazil China

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