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Mon. 26 November 2018

INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY REVIEW # 47 (19 November - 25 November 2018)

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24 Nov Will the Black Maidens continue to glow when they grow?
23 Nov Christiano Ronaldos moderklubb på konkursens brant – lånar 30 Meur Sweden
23 Nov Ronaldo’s Old Soccer Club Gets a Financial Lifeline United States
22 Nov
sport-express (Russian) • Squads performance Russia
22 Nov Pourquoi (bien) vendre Dembélé serait compliqué pour le Barça France
22 Nov Universitatea Craiova trage cel mai mult la poart? în Liga  Romania
22 Nov CIES, le statistiche dei club europei: dominio Juve in Italia, bene l’Atalanta Italy
21 Nov yahoo Japan (Japanese) • age of players Japan
21 Nov Saiba os efeitos negativos do Brexit nas jovens promessas inglesas Brazil
21 Nov Bundesliga, la que más apuesta por los Sub 21 Mexico
21 Nov Here are the top 10 fielded U-21 players in the Premier League: A number of big names missing? India
20 Nov El fútbol inglés teme el 'muro' que el Brexit levantaría contra sus jóvenes promesas Paraguay
20 Nov Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane, Neymar: Europe’s 10 most valuable forwards revealed United Kingdom
20 Nov El fútbol inglés teme el 'muro' que el Brexit levantaría contra sus jóvenes promesas Spain
20 Nov Selepas Ronaldo, Juventus mahu Mbappe pula Malaysia
19 Nov (Russian) • Players value Kazakhstan

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