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Tue. 28 September 2021


To mark 25 years of the CIES, we are delighted to publish a new presentation which showcases our remarkable growth over the last quarter century. During that time, CIES has distinguished itself as a pioneer in sports knowledge,...[more]

Mon. 27 September 2021

Youngest teams: Monaco and Leverkusen at the top

Issue number 349 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post ranks teams from 72 top divisions worldwide according to the average age of line-ups fielded in the current season and the percentage of minutes played by footballers...[more]

Wed. 22 September 2021

Welcome to the FIFA Master 22nd Edition

On Monday 20th of September, the students of the 22nd edition of the FIFA Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport were welcomed to the start of a new academic year by the President of the CIES Foundation Council, Pierre...[more]

Tue. 21 September 2021

Big-5 league rankings: the forecasts

The 348th edition of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the forecasts for the 2021/22 season at the level of the five major European leagues. The statistical model used for this purpose includes the players’...[more]

Tue. 14 September 2021

20 years of the FIFA Master

This anniversary, which was held over two days at the Home of FIFA in Zurich, was an opportunity for knowledge sharing, social activities, reconnecting with old friends and the chance to make new ones too for the 100 alumni who...[more]

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