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Thu. 28 March 2013

Tenth FIFA/CIES Programme in Argentina!

The Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), first academic partner of CIES, is now accepting applications for the tenth edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme in Argentina, scheduled to begin in late April. It is with great pleasure...[more]

Mon. 25 March 2013

Peru: Enrolment procedure for the first FIFA/CIES Programme in sport management

The Universidad San Martín de Porres (USMP) in Lima, a partner of CIES since 2012, has officially started the enrolment procedure for the first FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management to be organised in Peru. The FIFA/CIES...[more]

Thu. 21 March 2013

Egypt: Graduation ceremony for the students of the fifth Edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme

On the occasion of a graduation ceremony organised last week at the Faculty of Commerce of Cairo University, twenty-five students received diplomas upon completion of the fifth edition of the FIFA/CIES Sport Management Programme,...[more]

Thu. 21 March 2013

New paper on financial inequalities and squad make-up

The website has today published a paper written by three CIES Football Observatory researchers: Drs Raffaele Poli, Roger Besson and Loïc Ravenel. The paper is available to download for free here....[more]

Mon. 18 March 2013

Lebanon: 19 students for the first FIFA/CIES Programme

Last Saturday, nineteen students started the first edition of the FIFA/CIES Programme in Sport Management organised in Lebanon in cooperation with Notre Dame University - Louaize, a CIES partner since 2012. The 19 students...[more]

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