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Fri. 30 September 2011

28 new students in Venezuela !

Last week ,the “In-ServiceTraining Centre” of the Universidad Metropolitana (UNIMET) in Caracas celebrated the opening ceremony of the second International Sports Management programme. This programme, organised in partnership with UNIMET and CIES since 2010, will this year bring together 28 students from various professional and sports related backgrounds.

“We look forward to the partnership with FIFA and CIES” declared Maria Elena Cedeño, Vice-Rector of UNIMET. “They bring the seriousness, the quality and the involvement we need to improve the sports management of our country”.

Mario Cova Hernández, a sponsor of the programme through the company GZ Gerencia Deportiva Internacional and in collaboration with the football club Deportivo Petare, came back to his “student” experience with emotion. He later declared, “Being in the first edition of the Programme was an unforgettable experience for me. Not only did I gain tools which are useful for the everyday management of my club, but I also made a network of friends and shared knowledge and experiences with them.”

Attending the opening ceremony, CIES representative Vincent Monnier, highlighted the programme’s objectives for the training of managers who have to face a complicated and constantly evolving sports industry. He also took the opportunity during his trip to Venezuela to discuss with the Sports Ministry and the National Olympic Committee possible future collaborations within the framework of existing CIES activities in Venezuela.

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