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Mon. 03 July 2017

7th international congress on football law

More than ten years have elapsed since the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) staged the inaugural International Congress on Football Law. Sometimes complex, the links between football and law have continued to develop rapidly ever since, making an open debate about these connections even more necessary.

It is with this desire to continue the analysis of the various issues that are inextricably linked by the Royal Spanish Football Federation’s burning passions – football and law – that they have the pleasure of presenting the 7th International Congress, to be held in Madrid on 17th – 18th November 2017.   

Once again, the objective of the seminar is to offer specialists and students an opportunity to discuss and reflect on current legal issues related to football. As was the case during the past edition - which met with great success - it will welcome top-level experts and professionals and will allow participants to address themes as diverse as:

-“The international transfer of minors: legal aspects in the wake of the FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF and Club Atletico de Madrid cases”

-“UEFA’s financial fair play system: a vision through the lens of CAS case law”

-“CAS jurisdiction in domestic disputes: an analysis of Article 59.1 of the FIFA Statues”

-“The CAS and football: principal rulings of 2015-2017 (I)”

-“New evidence before the CAS: a practical analysis of Article R57.3 of the CAS Code of Arbitration”

-“The importance of the CAS in football: the current situation and challenges for the future”

-“Case law of the Swiss Federal Court and its effect on CAS rulings (2015-2017)

-“The CAS and football: principal rulings of 2015-2017 (II)”

-“TPO in Football: Analysis of the principal cases before the CAS, courts and European Commission”

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