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Tue. 28 September 2021


To mark 25 years of the CIES, we are delighted to publish a new presentation which showcases our remarkable growth over the last quarter century. During that time, CIES has distinguished itself as a pioneer in sports knowledge, global networks and forward-thinking training.

At CIES, we help deepen the understanding of sport by approaching it from various fields of study – such as sports law, economics, sociology, geography, history and management. Indeed, sport is nowadays one of the most important socio-economic phenomena in the world and its transformative power is beyond question.

Long gone are the days when sport was seen as mere entertainment. Back in the mid-90’s, the founders of our organisation had an idea truly ahead of its time. They wanted to create an incubator where academia and sport could help the infant field of sport studies flourish into the global, inter-disciplinary field it is today.

It has been CIES’ proud legacy over the last quarter century to disseminate this knowledge through publications, specific mandates, conferences, education and training.

Over the course of 25 years, CIES became the prestigious organisation it is today and we thank our passionate researchers, professors, teachers, experts and leaders for that. The success of our many initiatives over the years is a true cause for celebration!

So, join us on this interactive journey into CIES’ past and present history by clicking here.

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