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Mon. 04 November 2019

FIFA and CIES reaching football development in Africa with the support of executive capacity building programmes

  • The International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) in partnership with FIFA launched new executive programmes in Senegal and South Africa in October 2019
  • With 22 attending MAs in Dakar and 27 English-speaking ones in Port Elizabeth, the aim of the programmes is to support high level football administrators to strengthen their professional capacities
  • “It is an insightful training and a tremendous opportunity to assess our organisation with a view to implementing new procedures and policies."

On 31 October, FIFA and the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela University (NMU), launched a Football Executive Programme for African General Secretaries and top FIFA Forward staff members in Port Elizabeth, coastal city in South Africa. This was the first time a capacity building programme was organised by FIFA and its partners for English-speaking member associations (MAS) in the region. Taking place until 3 November, the first part of the programme involved modules highlighting the latest and most innovative best practices and research in football organisation, including sessions focused on organisation of world Football, administration and finance. Through this Football Executive Programme, FIFA and CIES aim to professionalise and harmonise the MAs top level management in Africa by addressing local needs and providing practical outputs.

Last 17 October, the adapted version was kicked off in French in one of the West Africa’s most dynamic cities, Dakar, and in partnership with the University of Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD). 43 participants originating from 22 French-speaking MAs were also introduced to different specific areas of football administration ranging from organisation of world football to finance and administration. Overall, the programmes were designed and adapted to the MAs necessities and professional expectations taking into account their daily challenges, as well as their specific structural situations.

In both courses, each participant will have to take part in all the different modules in order to obtain an official certificate once the programme is completed.

Actively attending the programme, Florie Ramogodi, Botswana Football Association’s (BFA) Programme Officer, expressed her satisfaction to be part of such a high level class: “Bringing the MAs from the region together is an incredibly beneficial opportunity to share our experiences and promote change and innovation at our own level. This can only motivate us to keep improving our football development projects and professionalize our associations’ activities.”

Also taking part in the academic training, Anthony John Otto, General Secretary from the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), was delighted to participate and meet with his counterparts: “It is an insightful training and a tremendous opportunity to assess our organisation’s current strategy with a view to implementing new procedures and policies."

To highlight CIES’s strong involvement, Vincent Schatzmann, CIES General Secretary shared his views about the programme: “CIES is really proud to develop executive capacity building programmes for African MA’s football executives in both Senegal and South Africa. This new collaboration enlarges the portfolio of CIES education programmes around the world. It also reinforces the relations with our long term university partners of UCAD and NMU.”

With the help of such interactive and oriented programmes, FIFA and CIES are striving to keep fostering football development worldwide according to the specific needs of all MAs on the ground, focusing on their progress towards more professionalisation as well as long-lasting and impactful football development.

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