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Tue. 27 November 2018

FIFA, CIES and UWI launch new Football Executive Programme for the Caribbean

· Registration now open to General Secretaries and senior executives currently working in Caribbean Football

· New professional education programme to develop Caribbean football administrators

· Registration deadline 10th December 2018

FIFA, the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES) and the University of the West Indies (UWI) have announced a new strategic partnership today and launched the Football Executive Programme. This  new professional development course has been designed to further enhance football administration across the Caribbean region.

Building on FIFA’s commitment to help strengthen and develop football leaders and administrators within Member Associations (MAs), the Football Executive Programme will offer an enhanced, multifaceted and comprehensive training programme for general secretaries and senior football executives working for MAs across the Caribbean.

Scheduled to begin in January 2019 at the UWI, the programme will comprise of eight different modules which will focus on strengthening senior Caribbean football executives across several key aspects of football administration, including strategy, project management, communication, marketing, event management and development.

The programme will also provide several intensive practical sessions that will enable executives to benefit from and share knowledge with internationally renowned presenters and experienced professionals, and which can then be applied by the participants within the day-to-day activities of their associations.

Véron Mosengo-Omba, FIFA’s Director of Member Associations CAF & Caribbean Subdivision, is convinced that education and professional development programmes such as the Football Executive Programme will help empower member associations across the Caribbean and ensure sustainable growth of football across the region.

"FIFA is delighted to finalise and begin implementing this joint project in the Caribbean region”, said Mosengo-Omba.

 “With our joint partners at the CIES and UWI, the Football Executive Programme will provide an important opportunity for senior administrators in  Caribbean football to develop their skills, as well as ensuring that member associations in the region have the right skills and experience in place to grow and develop football in a sustainable way”, he added.

Speaking on the launch of the new programme, Prof. Denis Oswald, CIES Director, said;

“For more than 20 years, CIES has developed high quality education programmes all around the world. Thanks to our expertise and our academic partner in the Caribbean, the University of the West Indies (UWI), we are convinced that the Football Executive Programme for the Caribbean GS and Top FIFA Forward staff will support football leaders to professionalise and enhance football administration in this region”.

Since its foundation in 1995, the role of CIES has been to spread education and knowledge in the world of sports and with the Football Executive Programme it will have the opportunity to focus on the development of administrators and managers of football with the long-term vision of transforming football operations and making them more efficient.

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