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Tue. 05 November 2013

FIFA Master: Highlights of the course so far

Six weeks ago twenty eight individuals from all over the world arrived at De Montfort University in Leicester prior to taking their places on the FIFA Master. By the time the classes started a few days later, friendships had already begun to form, and that has created a wonderful atmosphere inside and outside the classroom. Of the 28 students we have over 20 different nationalities (in addition to those with dual citizenship) and this is one of the most rewarding aspects of this particular course. Every person has a different background, be it media, professional sport, law, marketing, coaching, finance and when combined with the national experiences of each individual it provides a great opportunity to learn from each other as well as in class.

The classes themselves have so far focused on the Humanities of sport; namely the Origins of Modern Sport and the era of Professionalisation. This has given us a thorough introduction to how the sports we know today came to be, and has broadened our knowledge into the distinct processes that all came together. These classes all take part in the leading International Centre for Sports History and Culture at DMU, where we have been taught by some of the leading academics on the subject. While some of us had already read some form of History at University, the opportunity to learn about this aspect of sport was new and exciting for most. It has no doubt provided a very solid foundation for the upcoming residencies at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan and the University of Neuchatel where we will study business administration and law respectively.

This term has not just been about the books and the history however, as we have had wonderful opportunities to speak to representatives from the Rugby World Cup, the London Olympics, adidas, London Marathon, Sport England, UK Anti-Doping and the Premier League. In addition to this the real highlight has been the class visits where we have been lucky enough to be hosted by the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the Football Museum, Manchester United FC, Leicester Tigers RFC, the Professional Footballer’s Association and Manchester City. This is a lot in just 6 weeks and each one of these speakers and visits has provided us with a unique insight into different areas of sport, from some of the most influential people in the industry.

The opportunity to take a place on this wonderful course is not one that is awarded lightly, and the application process is fresh in each of our minds. A select group is chosen from over 200 applications and so those who are here are very much the up-and-coming individuals in the world of sport, which only furthers the high level of discussion and debate in class. The chance to learn from classmates, leading lecturers and the most important figures in world sport is unique, and one which personally I could not recommend more highly for those looking to further their career in sport.

We are only in week six of a ten month course and much of the excitement still lies ahead. Indeed, we are currently arranging accommodation for our stay in Milan. This will be a real highlight for many of us on the course, and we look forward to updating you further on the class and its progress in the coming weeks.

Dan Whymark, FIFA Master 14th Edition

Here is a video of the FIFA Master 14th edition visiting Wimbledon, made by Sarah Widera from the FIFA Master 14th edition!

The FIFA Master online application form for the 15th edition (2014-2015) is now available! The deadline to apply is 12 noon, Central European Time, on Friday 10th January 2014.

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