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Thu. 18 April 2013

Final stretch for the FIFA Master 13th edition!

After completing the Humanities of Sport module in Leicester, England, and the Management of Sport module in Milan, Italy, the FIFA Master postgraduates have now started their final Sports Law module in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

The Law module officially began on Tuesday 2nd of April. The FIFA Master 13th edition class was welcomed at the University of Neuchâtel Faculty of Law with an information session. Later the postgraduates visited the picturesque town of Neuchâtel before completing a tour of the CIES headquarters and study facilities.

At the end of the day, an aperitif took place at the bar “Au Galop”, where the FIFA Master class met the Directors of the CIES, Mr. Kilian Stoffel (Vice Chancellor of the University of Neuchâtel), as well as many FIFA Master Alumni.

The postgraduates began their studies for this final module with an introduction to Swiss and European Law. They also attended a workshop delivered by TSE Consulting and this Friday the class will travel to Zürich where they will have the opportunity to visit the headquarters of FIFA.

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