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Wed. 03 October 2012

First impressions of the FIFA Master

Oleksandr Kucheriavyi, who is the first student to be awarded the FIFA Master Network Scholarship, gives us his first impressions of "the great adventure" that began on 17th September at De Montfort University in Leicester (England).

I was very excited at the idea of starting the FIFA Master. This course represents something very special for me. I find it amazing to have, in one place, a unique group of young and inspired people, from all over the world, sharing the same love for sport and the same passion for its industry. And, on top of that, they are people with an interest in so many different sports and with such diverse backgrounds!

The educational process is also very interesting: lots of lecturers, coming from various countries, working in all sorts of business areas and holding different academic qualifications. I enjoy the lectures, the theory is connected with practice, and we have a lot of field visits... It’s actually unbelievable: almost every week, a new sport organisation, club, stadium or museum!

It’s been only two weeks, and I have already played football - of course, but also croquet, I have attended cricket games (Leicestershire County Cricket Club) and rugby games (Leicester Tigers). I have been at the heart of British and world tennis: Wimbledon. An unforgettable day out, visiting the “Mecca” of tennis, being able to experience a “behind the scene” tour, and learning so many aspects about the professional management of such a mega-event.

After two weeks of classes, I am in no doubt that I will look forward to the rest. My year of the FIFA Master will pass very quickly - too quickly!


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