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Thu. 23 July 2020


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21 June Mbappé, Toujours Le Joueur Le Plus Cher Du Monde | Forbes France Forbes 
24 June Muestra internacional: Colombia es el décimo país que exporta entrenadores a nivel mundial GOL Caracol
01 July Who We Are - News - FIFA launches Executive Programme on Sports Arbitration  - Fédération Internationale de Football Association
04 July Premier League clubs will still spend big in transfer window - agent Jonathan Barnett tells ESPN why
08 July

Who is the player whose market value increases the most by extending the contract with their club for one year? 

Yahoo! Japan
08 July Chelsea youngster alongside Havertz, Sancho and Pogba in predicted transfer value table
14 July

England are hunting the Bundesliga treasure from Dortmund. Is Sancho going home, where is he going?
15 July Evaluating Ghanaian Football: The grass is greener where you water it Ghana Web

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